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A Day in The Life of The TFS Sales Team…

by Steve Lee / September 19th, 2017


The TFS Sales team is responsible for looking after all prospective customers who come to us through our website or our partners. Every prospective customer is given a named TFS sales agent who is responsible for helping our customers through their application process.


We spoke to Floyd, who manages the Sales Team, about their average day, the kind of issues they deal with and what they love about their roles…


The first task of the day for a TFS customer sales agent is to go through their customer emails, call back requests and anyone who entered their Guarantor’s details onto the website. Customers will be contacted to check they have relevant quotes, ensure credit searches are submitted correctly and answer any outstanding customer queries.

Each Customer Sales Agent has a diary of customers they are dealing with and any customer who has an outstanding query is contacted via their preferred method – be that an email, SMS or phone call. We always aim to contact the customer at a time that is convenient to them.


All new customers are taken through a full application form and credit searches are completed before the credit agreement is sent out for signing. Customers can request for the documents to be sent via email or post – whichever suits them best.

A number of customers may have partial hearing so we offer the same exemplary customer service via the Text Relay Service. Our customers have found this to be very effective.


We often have customers who wish us to process their application quickly. We have been known to receive a customer request at 10am and pay out their loan by 1pm the same day. Obviously this is subject to everyone involved being available and responsive.

It is really important to us that the Guarantor understands the product and the obligation they are undertaking. Our Customer Sales Agents ensure they fully explain the details of the product to the Guarantor and answer any questions they have.


The highlight of my job as Customer Sales Team Leader is watching how my team take responsibility for their customers and put themselves in their shoes. The team is close-knit and everyone helps each other out. It is lovely to have had a customer who has come to us in need; we’ve been able to make their day a little bit easier and they give us great feedback once the loan is paid out.



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