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How to Pay For Unexpected Vet’s Bills

How to pay for unexpected Vet’s bills

The number of dogs in the UK in 2016 was estimated 8.5 million and over a quarter of UK households have a dog. We’re a nation of pet lovers fundamentally believing that dogs really are ‘man’s best friend’. So when our best friends are suddenly sick it can become a very stressful and expensive time.

Have you ever found yourself in a predicament where you can’t afford something you want? If you’re lucky, it was at home when you watched a travel show and realized you couldn’t afford an around-the-world trip. You probably weren’t embarrassed about not being able to afford this luxury. But if you can’t afford something you desperately need, for a member of your family, this can make an already stressful situation far worse. That’s why at TFS Loans we offer Guarantor Loans for any reasonable purpose including payment of veterinary bills.

Top tips from the TFS Guarantor Loans Team when an unexpected Vet’s Bill hits:

  1. Use your savings. It may be a case of waiting a little longer for a holiday or new car but prioritising your pet’s care over your other, non-essential outgoings is part of being a responsible pet owner.
  2. Veterinary payment plans – If you do not have savings, or if your savings won’t cover the bills, then it is worth negotiating a payment plan with your vet.
  3. Animal Charities can also help if you are in receipt of certain benefits, such as income support, council tax or housing benefit. You may be able to have your pet treated free of charge with the PDSA, Blue Cross, Dogs Trust or RSPCA. And for cats there is help from the Cats Protection League.  All of the above charities aim to help pets whose owners cannot afford veterinary care.
  4. Apply for a TFS Guarantor Loan to cover medical bills for pets.

Once your dog is on the road to recovery you will probably all be in need of a well-deserved holiday. Pet friendly holidays are on the rise as people choose to holiday with their furry friends rather than leaving them with a dog sitter or in kennels. Here are a few of our favourite places to stay and enjoy a break with your Dogs:

Crystal Palace Travelodge in Penge – they charged £20.00 for two dogs and there are lots of nice parks around the area, including a small recreation ground where you can run your dog off the lead.

Irish Bar in Llandudno, where your dogs will enjoy a tub of treats and a bowl of water before you order your food and drink.

The Bull Inn in Charlbury. The rooms are beautiful and the staff are really dog friendly. There is a huge country park within easy walking distance.

Dog Friendly Cottages, covering the whole of the UK. They will allow 2 – 3 dogs at a time and the facilities are great for all the family.

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