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Top Money Saving Tips From the Team at TFS

This week, the team at TFS has shared their top tips to save money:

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Top Tip from Isla in Marketing: Write down the renewal dates of your fuel, telephone, mobile, TV subscriptions etc. on a calendar and every month check which services you need to renew. Go onto a comparison site (ideally two if you have time) and make sure your deal is still the best out there. If it isn’t, switch it. This keeps your monthly outgoings as low as possible.

Top Tip from Caroline in the Customer Call Centre: Book your holidays early. Nowadays airlines and hotels use booking engines which automatically increase the cost once demand starts to rise, so inevitably the cheapest prices you will pay for a room or a flight are as soon as they are released when demand is at its lowest.

Top Tip from Dan in Customer Services: If you have kids aged up to 15 and spend over £1,000 a year on childcare, find out if your company has signed up to a childcare vouchers scheme. The enables you to pay for childcare out of your pre-tax and national insurance salary. This can equate to:

You give up £1,000 of salary, worth £700ish in your pocket after tax & national insurance. You get £1,000 of childcare vouchers. This means you’re £300 better off per £1,000

If you have a partner in employment too, they can also sign up, meaning you save double.

Top Tip from Ranj in Sales: Write a shopping list before you go into a supermarket or other food shop and stick to it when you go into the shop. We used to throw out loads of food each week. Now we meal plan and not only do we save a lot of money each week, we don’t have any wastage.  As an extra tip, don’t go food shopping when you are hungry! It always ends up costing you more somehow.

Top Tip from Steve in IT: If you have a big family and spend a lot of money buying birthday and Christmas presents each year, think about having a ‘present style lottery’, whereby everyone picks a name out of the hat each year and buys for that one person rather than buying for everyone. You can spend a bit more on that person if you like but you’ll still save in the long run.

Top Tip from Andy in Underwriting: Now that the summer holidays are virtually upon us, I’m starting to look around for free things to do with the kids, otherwise it can be a very expensive six weeks. Local libraries run a lot of events. The parks are a good option when the weather is good – we take a picnic and a bat and ball. A number of museums are also free. It’s worth checking their websites before you go. There are quite a few outdoor sports available free including parkruns which are quite popular at the moment – Outdoor fitness and open water swimming: Swim Safe.

Top Tip from Tracey in Collections: Make your own lunch. If you spend £5 a day on lunch, plus maybe £1.50 on a coffee and £1 on snacks, that’s £7.50 a day. This doesn’t seem much but when you work it out over a year this is £1,800. This is the equivalent of paying for a brand new car which costs £10,000 over 5 years.
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