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Saving Money Shopping

We all wonder how we can save money shopping online or in-store…

At TFS we have done our own research and here’s how we think it can be done ….

As online shopping is rapidly growing and becoming more popular, it is interesting to know if it is cheaper than shopping in-store or are people generally getting lazier.

groceries in a basket with a calculator

We have found that an average family shop online would cost around £63.10 a week

And for the same items shopping in-store would cost you this much £57.20

(Average family is based on 4 persons)

We have found that it is slightly cheaper to shop in store, rather than online, which might not seem like a lot and it may differ depending on the store. You have to also remember that most stores charge you a little extra for a delivery cost so this may be why it works out more expensive.

You may not think you are saving a great deal of cash but you would be saving £5.90 a week!

This is £306.80 per year, this could mean you could treat yourself to a weekend away, a little extra to spend in the holidays or even just a gift for yourself or loved ones.

Now everyone likes to save money and get the best deals, so below are some tips we feel may help you on saving money on your shopping in-store.

Firstly you should start by planning your shop, Making sure that you are not buying any unnecessary items or items that you already have hidden in the cupboards. You should make a list of all the items you need before your journey to the shops.

Once in the store you should always check the dates on food to ensure that your food will not go to waste because it has not been used and eaten before the use by date. When at home you should freeze and save any leftovers or even cook meals in advance to store in the freezer as this would help when you plan your shop to buy only the meals you are going to cook and eat.

vegetables on display You should also look for the reduced items or for any price cuts (Items that are on Deals & Offers). Now don’t be fooled as not all deals will be beneficial so be sure to have a calculator to check if you are unsure.

A big way to save money is to know which supermarkets have the best offers so if it is an option for you don’t be afraid to shop around and use more than one store.

Branding down can be a big help as the more popular brands will generally charge more for the same items, you should look for the supermarkets own brands for better value.

Comparing price per kilo instead of paying the packages price can save you a surprising amount of change; you will find that buying your fruit and vegetables in season is also cheaper so why not try out using recipes that are based around the certain seasons?

Be sure to shop after you gave eaten or on a full stomach to avoid those urges and temptations to but those unnecessary items and over filling your baskets and trolleys.

Lastly you should restrict yourself to a cash amount to do your shop with as taking your Debit/Credit cards can cause you to overspend again on unnecessary items.

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