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Thinking of a new car this year – find out how much you can get for your old banger?

16 car makers have extended their 2017 scrappage offers into 2018.

This means that if you are planning on replacing your ageing vehicle with a new much cleaner and environmentally friendly model, you could get a decent discount. At the moment these deals run until end March 2018, so if you are thinking of upgrading your car, read on to find out what you could get for your current vehicle.

It’s important to remember that each car manufacturer stipulates what vehicles they will accept on their scrappage scheme and all offer different discounts.

Dacia accepts any Euro 1-4 rated Diesel or Petrol car registered before 31 Dec 2009. You will only get a discount off their Sandero and Duster models and you can expect to save approx. £1,000 off a Duster SUV and £500 from the RRP of a Sandero supermini. These are a pretty good percentage discount off the overall cost.

Ford will accept any Euro 1-4 rated Diesel or Petrol car registered before 31 Dec 2009. Their scrappage scheme is offered across a number of their models from Fiestas and Focuses to B-MAX, C-MAX, Kuga, Ranger and various Transit models, but the discount varies depending on the price of the car you are buying. For example the scrappage saving on a Fiesta is £2,000 but you can save £4,950 on a high-spec Focus.

Hyundai accept any Euro 1-4 rated Diesel or Petrol car registered before 31 Dec 2009. They are offering varying deals across their range and different models, so it’s worth checking if you want a specific model, whether the scrappage scheme is better for a different spec.

Kia is only discounting its smallest models – you can get a £2,000 saving on the Picanto and Rio. You also get the 7-year warranty.  It will take any car registered before 31 March 2011.

Mazda’s scheme is limited to models that emit less than 130g/km of CO2. They offer large discounts on diesel engines. You can expect to get a £2,500 discount on a petrol Mazda2 or a £5,000 discount on a diesel Mazda3. Mazda will accept any Euro 1-4 rated Diesel or Petrol car registered before 31 Dec 2009.

Mitsubishi will accept any Euro 1-4 rated Diesel or Petrol car registered before 31 Dec 2009. They are offering a £4,000 scrappage allowance that you can couple with a £2,500 saving through the plug-in car grant to get £6,500 off the RRP of their best-selling hybrid Outlander PHEV.

Nissan’s scheme is unique, because you can get a discount on another used car – although it has to be a Nissan LEAF. You could still save up to £2,000. They are also offering deals on new models including Micra, Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail. Expect to get up to £2,000 off RRP. Nissan will accept any Euro 1-4 rated Diesel or Petrol car registered before 31 Dec 2009.

Peugeot, Citroen or DS (all part of the PSA Group), are offering a range of discounts and often there are better deals on diesel models. They will accept any car more than 7 years old. Expect to get £1,750 off a Peugeot 108, £5,000 off a Citroen C4 and £3,500 off a DS 3.

Renault has launched an ‘Upgrade’ package on part-exchanged cars if you buy one of three SUV deals. You can trade in any car in roadworthy condition and an amount will be added to the value of your trade in e.g. Renault will add £250 to the value of your trade in if you buy a petrol Captur.

Toyota has included virtually its entire model range in its scrappage scheme. The smallest discount is £1,000 off the C-HR and C-HR Hybrid SUVs. The largest discount is £4,000 off the Land Cruiser 4×4.

Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda (all part of the VW group) offer the scheme on a wide range of models including Volkswagen’s plug-in hybrids. The only thing to be mindful of is this scheme is only applicable to those with older diesel cars. If you have a pre-2010 petrol car you will have to talk to them about other incentives.  You could get £1,500 off the dinky Sear Mii and Skoda CitiGo, and up to £8,000 on an Audi Q7 e-tron SUV.

Arguably the best discounts are being offered on Ford, Peugeot, Citroen and DS Models, who will take older diesel and petrol cars and offer the scheme across new diesel and petrol models, but shop around and see what you can get.

Remember, in all cases you need to have owned the car you are trading in for a period of time. Most schemes require you to have kept the model for at least 90 days but some (Mitsubishi, Toyota and VW Group) want you to have had the car for at least 6 months before you trade it in for a new model.

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