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News & Blogs: Online Safety
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How to protect your identity online

Identity theft is on the rise. Fraudsters are getting more sophisticated, using the information you share online to pretend to be you and apply for bank accounts, mobile phones, loans and so on. It’s important to stay one step ahead. ...

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How to ensure your Facebook privacy settings are up to scratch!

As we enter spring, we are entering ever closer to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – the biggest change to data protection regulations in years. You may not be fully aware of what GDPR is (you can read about it ...

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How to stop spam calls and avoid scams?

Spam calls are a continuous nuisance and it feels like they are on the rise. At best they interrupt us and use up our precious time and at worse they steal our money or personal identity. The most recent scam, ...

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The importance of your privacy settings on Social Media

CIFAS, the not-for-profit organisation working to reduce and prevent fraud and financial crime in the UK, has recently released a short video on YouTube. It brilliantly illustrates the importance of protecting your privacy on social media and is well worth ...

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Illegal money lending – what you need to know to avoid becoming a victim

Illegal money lending, or unauthorised lending by loan sharks, as it is sometimes referred to, occurs as a last resort for people who are desperate for funds and have exhausted known options. The need for money is often urgent. It ...

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Don’t Be Fooled campaign to prevent money laundering

You may have seen in the press and on social media, the ‘Don’t Be Fooled’ campaign launched on 27th November. It educates people about what a money mule is and how someone could unknowingly be helping to launder money. This ...

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How to spot e-fraud

e-fraud or Electronic Fraud follows many of the basic principles of what we all know as standard fraud, except some of the methods used take advantage of end users’ naivety or lack of experience with computer hardware, software or communications, ...

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