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Freebies! – Things you never knew you could pick up for free or never even knew you wanted!

by Steve Lee / August 10th, 2018 Coffee and Notebook

  We LOVE free things here at TFS Loans! Every few weeks we scour the web to find the best cheap deals, money saving ideas and clever tricks to save money but this week we have gone one better and found a nice selection of free items – samples, giveaways, software etc. – for our readers. Some of these listed may be limited to geographical locations and may actually feature certain attractions across Britain, but we certainly hope they’ll be useful to all!   £200 off a 2 week holiday @ Thomas Cook Head to Thomas Cook online and on…

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A Guide to Debt Consolidation Loans

by Steve Lee / August 7th, 2018

If you’re in need of a debt consolidation loan and want to find out more, you need to read this post. We’ve got all the essential information you need on debt consolidation loans. Debt – the word itself carries almost as much weight as being in it. It’s a hard thing to manage, and many find it overwhelms them. It can creep up on you out of nowhere and wrap you up in its vices. Sometimes, it may feel like that there’s no escape – but there is. An increasingly popular method of clearing multiple debts, into one single payment,…

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All You Need to Know About Secured vs. Unsecured Loans

by Steve Lee /

  All TFS Guarantor Loans are unsecured loans, like most personal loans and credit card debt, but what does this actually mean?  It is important to understand the differences between secured and unsecured lending products, before you make an application…   An unsecured loan is not protected by any collateral, so should you default on payments the lender can’t automatically take your property or assets. They can be offered to people who don’t own property and that makes them available to a much wider range of people. They are flexible to repay – you can choose the amount and over…

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Finances in Football: TV deals and the future

by Steve Lee / August 3rd, 2018

  For the upcoming 2017/18 season, the Premier League announced another monstrous TV deal… At £4.4billion, it is the second biggest figure in history, but what may be most telling, is that it is down by £700m on last season. We take a look in this blog at money in football and where the future of broadcasting may lie…   Since the Premier League’s creation in 1992, we have seen a steady and significant in the rise in TV rights paid to clubs, which has given rise to huge wages, bigger transfer fees, including what many would say extortionate fees…

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Average Holiday Cost

by Steve Lee / July 30th, 2018

It seems like every single year, the price of everything goes up. Whether that’s due to inflation or the economic climate, it can feel like we’re paying more for pretty much everything. And now, with summer here, we look to how much holidays aboard will cost us. We’ve compiled data for this infographic, from NimbleFins’ data, to show you how much, on average, you might be spending on your holiday this year. We’ve included, flights, hotels and spending money (which covers your food, drink and entertainment while away). Find out how much your holiday could cost you this summer. Flights…

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Famous Investment Catastrophes!

by Steve Lee / July 27th, 2018

  Have you recently made a financial decision, only to realise your return wasn’t quite as favourable as you’d hoped or that the company you just bought shares in was suddenly hit by huge losses due to some unforeseen circumstance? Well, perhaps you shouldn’t worry too much when you compare it to some of the biggest financial flops in history. We have trawled through the web and picked out 5 ill fated financial investments for you; in no particular order, some poor judgement, some foolish and some just downright bizarre!   So, take comfort that even the biggest financial names can…

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How to Pay For Unexpected Vet’s Bills

by Steve Lee / July 25th, 2018

  The number of dogs in the UK in 2016 was estimated at 8.5 million, with over a quarter of UK households have a dog. We’re a nation of pet lovers, fundamentally believing that dogs really are ‘man’s best friend’! So when our best friends are suddenly sick it can become a very stressful and expensive time… Have you ever found yourself in a predicament where you realised you couldn’t afford something you want? If you’re lucky, it was at home when you watched a travel show and realised you couldn’t afford an around-the-world trip, or a brand new 65″…

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Your guide to cheap eating out with the kids during the summer holidays

by Steve Lee / July 20th, 2018

  With the summer holidays approaching and the fear of dread filling many parents, we want to try and lighten the load a little with ideas for getting the kids out the house during the school break, but it not costing the earth. Some of these suggestions require vouchers, some are kids eat free at certain times, some are kids eat free with adult meals, but all of them should give you a few pointers and some very handy options when you’re at a loose end. Regular readers will know of our Freebies and Vouchers blog and in our next…

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How to protect your identity online

by Isla Lightfoot / July 16th, 2018

Identity theft is on the rise. Fraudsters are getting more sophisticated, using the information you share online to pretend to be you and apply for bank accounts, mobile phones, loans and so on. It’s important to stay one step ahead. The good news is there are plenty of great sites out there to help you and our security expert at TFS Loans has summarised his top tips below. It’s all common sense stuff really and it’s not hard, but it significantly reduces the risk of your identity being stolen and you ending up the victim of fraud:   Reduce the…

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July – Freebies and Vouchers

by Steve Lee / July 12th, 2018

  Every couple of months, the team here at TFS pick out, pluck out and, well, copy and paste some of the best money saving vouchers and freebies from the web…!   Additional 25% off up to 70% sale @ GAP GAP are currently running an online sale and have introduced a voucher code for a further 25% off selected items. Just visit and use code MOREGAP to apply the discount.     Half Price membership + additional benefits @ British Cycling If you register a membership at you will receive half price membership using code NEWCMRD Additional benefits for membership…

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