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Wedding Loans

As one of the biggest, most important and expensive days of your life, weddings can be difficult to finance. When you add up the costs of the clothes, the venue, the food and drink, decorations etc, it can be overwhelming thinking about all those bills mounting up. When your savings don’t quite match the expectations of your perfect day, it can be disheartening. Sometimes, you need a helping hand to finance your dream day. When you look for a loan and find that companies won’t accept you based on your credit history, sometimes you feel as if you have nowhere to turn. At TFS Loans, we aim to help our customers with the finance  needed, regardless of poor credit.

A guarantor loan from TFS may be the ideal way to help finance your wedding, especially if you have poor credit. The way guarantor loans work is that they rely on trust based lending as opposed to your previous credit history. When applying for a wedding loan with TFS, if you have a guarantor willing to co-sign the application with you, then you could secure the money for your big day almost  immediately . The role of the guarantor is to cover any repayments on the loan that you might miss for any reason.

With wedding loans from TFS, the only thing you need to worry about is the details of your wedding, not the cost of it. Your guarantor can be your fiancé (as long as you don’t have a joint account), a family member, or friend,  as long as they trust you and agree to cover repayments, should you be unable to make them. All your guarantor needs is to be a homeowner with  a good credit score. The repayment of the wedding loan can be spread over a longer period than payday loans and have lower APRs.

Wedding loans can be used for anything required for the big day, such as the rings, food, the venue, the dream dress etc; anything to make your special wedding day, even more perfect.

So, if you’ve been postponing your wedding due to finances, speak to TFS Loans. By spreading the costs over a longer period, you can focus on the planning and not the pounds, making repayments affordable and moving your big day, closer to the date you desire. To see how much, you could borrow for your wedding day, use our loan calculator below.


You're applying to borrow £4,500.00 over 48 months. Repaying £172.88 per month. Total repayable £8,298.24. APR 39.9% Representative Fixed