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Unsecured Bad Credit Loans

For most people, a loan is a loan. But, actually most loans can be sorted into two categories; secured and unsecured. It is vital to know the difference between them before seeking and especially taking out a loan. TFS’s Q&A is here to help.

What are Secured and Unsecured Loans?

Whilst having many similarities, secured and unsecured loans have one main difference. Secured loans are loans for homeowners, as the loan is secured against your property. Essentially you put your home up as collateral for a secured loan. Should you fail to make repayments on a secured loan, your home could be repossessed as the loan is taken out against your property, meaning that secured loans are usually for larger amounts of money.

However, unsecured loans are loans that are not secured against property and generally for smaller amounts. Most unsecured loans will rely on your credit score as an indicator as to whether or not you will be accepted for a loan. So, for those with bad credit and no property in their name, obtaining a loan can be difficult.

Will I be able to take out a loan if I don’t own a home or have bad credit?

Whilst most companies will rely on your credit score when lending unsecured loans, at TFS Loans, we operate in a different way. We offer unsecured loans if you have bad credit, in the form of a guarantor loan. This means that we only ask you to provide a guarantor to support your application and have them agree to cover any payments on the loan, should you be unable to make them. As long as your guarantor has a good credit score, they can co-sign on your loan.

What is an unsecured bad credit loan?

An unsecured bad credit loan is a loan that is not secured against your property and is a loan ideal for those with poor credit. TFS offer unsecured bad credit loans, through the form of guarantor loans which, as mentioned before, only require you provide a guarantor with your application. If you simply have bad credit due to past financial difficulties or have never built your credit profile, an unsecured bad credit loan may be the ideal loan for you. Through a guarantor loan from TFS Loans, borrowers can rebuild their credit score by repaying their unsecured loan monthly.

Why choose unsecured bad credit loans?

For most loan applicants with bad credit and no property to put up as collateral against the loan, there may be no other way to secure a loan. A guarantor loan from TFS Loans is a smarter and more sensible way to obtain a loan, without incurring staggering APRs and upfront fees. At TFS we do not require your credit score when you apply for a loan and we spread the payments over a longer period, making monthly payments more affordable. You only need a guarantor who can afford the repayments should you be unable to for any reason.

For more information on Guarantor Loans, visit our guarantor loan page.


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