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39.9% on loans from £3,000 to £10,000, until 31st August 2018.

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39.9% APR Representative.

Car Finance

There are many options when looking for a new car. You could always lease one, but it just doesn’t feel like yours unless you own it. Finance car companies end up charging you high amounts on your monthly payments, pushing the cost even further. So, when you spot the car of your dreams and you’re off the mark by a few pounds, you could always take out a loan, but what kind? A guarantor loan from TFS, may be the ideal way to finance your new car, affordably.

Bad credit history? Not a problem. The way TFS Loans works is by offering car finance with a guarantor, essentially, we lend through trust based lending, as a guarantor loan. At TFS Loans, we don’t rely on credit ratings to judge whether or not you should have a loan.  All you need to apply for a loan with TFS, is a guarantor who trusts you and who can cover the repayments on the loan, should you be unable to afford the monthly charges.

Car finance with a guarantor who trusts you. It’s as simple as that. The car of your dreams could be within your grasp. Use our loan calculator to find out what you could borrow for car finance.

You're applying to borrow £4,500.00 over 48 months. Repaying £172.88 per month. Total repayable £8,298.24. APR 39.9% Representative Fixed