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Bad Credit Car Finance

When you’ve got your eye on a new car but don’t have the cash to match, it can be disheartening. Whether you’re replacing your old banger or buying your first, sometimes your finances may put up a road block to stop you making that purchase. Whilst you could finance a car or take out a loan from loan providers or banks, your bad credit affects your chances of securing a loan. Payday companies charge you the world, with high APRs and you find yourself wondering what other options there are. There’s always one more… a loan from TFS.

When you don’t have the credit score you need for a loan, TFS are here to support your purchase. Whilst other companies operate on checking your credit score before they grant you a loan, we don’t. TFS operate on a trust based lending system. So, the car you want, could be within your reach.

Bad Credit isn’t Bad News

Sometimes, bad credit is unavoidable. If you’ve simply never built a credit profile or just missed repayments on debts or other loans, bad credit can affect your chances of securing a loan from lenders, car dealers and banks. Whilst poor credit limits your options, there is a way. If you’ve wondered how you can finance a car with bad credit, a guarantor loan may be the ideal path for your purchase. Guarantor loans are a more sensible and affordable way to make those instant purchases, with affordable repayments. To see if the car of your dreams is in your grasp, use our loan calculator below to see how much you could borrow, with a guarantor loan.

How to secure a loan for bad credit car finance?

Despite your bad credit, here at TFS Loans, we don’t judge you on your score. We grant our loans based on trusted lending, through guarantor loans. How a guarantor loan works is by ensuring that you, the borrower, have someone who can cover costs. Then they, as the guarantor, will cover the monthly costs for you, should you be unable to make any repayments on the loan. It’s that straightforward.

No credit score required. After you have found yourself a guarantor, and you’re both approved and accepted, we will pass the funds on for your car finance as quickly as we can. So even with bad credit, you can finance the car you’ve always wanted, in an affordable and fast way.

Why Guarantor Loans are the way to go for bad credit, car finance seekers

With affordable rates on repayments, unlike payday loans, and lending based on trust, not credit scores, a TFS guarantor loan is a faster and simpler way to finance your new car. Once your application is approved, and your guarantor has been contacted and approved as well, we could transfer the funds within 24 hours of applying.

You will not incur any hidden fees or extra charges when taking out your loan, so there is no need to pay a deposit. Simply, just find a guarantor to co-sign with you, and the loan can be yours in a short matter of time. Whilst we don’t take bad credit into consideration, paying off a guarantor loan will improve your credit rating, with each repayment you make.

TFS Loans are here to help you with car finance, even with bad credit. For more information on Guarantor Loans, visit our FAQs page. To see what you could borrow for car finance, use our loan calculator to find out the amount you could receive and get your application started.

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Visit our FAQs pages for any questions you may have about Guarantor Loans.

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Nothing but friendly helpful service from start to finish with my loan application. Everything has been sorted within 24 hours with exceptional customer service provided! I will definitely recommend TFS to my friends.

Callum Pettitt

15th February 2019

Fast process and the staff were wonderful. Great professional people, definitely recommend TFS. Thank you!

Angela Talbott

3rd July 2017

Excellent communication from well trained staff who explained everything from start to finish. I had the pleasure of dealing with Sally who was lovely. Well done!

Karen Walpole

16th June 2017

Great Service, kept me well informed every step of the way. Extremely efficient.

Joanne Yeaman

1st June 2017

A very efficient well mannered group. As a guarantor you answered all the questions I asked and time was of no problem - thank you for looking after my daughter.

Anthony Dinsdale

28th February 2017

All customer service personnel were really polite and extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend the company to others. I would definitely use the service again if needed in the future.

Debra Ramsay

10th October 2016

I would definitely recommend TFS loans and would use them myself again. Everything thoroughly explained in detail!

Simon Lewis

25th July 2017

I felt that the process from start to finish was smooth and quick. My application was dealt with, with ease and I look forward to being able to use this loan for a good cause

Charlene Foster

16th September 2017

Highly recommend TFS Loans very friendly and people person advisors. Very helpful very quick decisions I have had 2 loans with them now

Amanda Taylor

1st October 2018

Very helpful friendly staff. Good rates. Would recommend TFS Loans .

Anthony Denis Millington

8th October 2018

Very good service and explained everything that was going on. Highly recommend TFS for a loan.

Jamie Rhodes

13th November 2018

Very thorough and informative.

Christine Lowe

3rd December 2018

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