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39.9% on loans from £3,000 to £10,000, until 31st August 2018.

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39.9% APR Representative.

£15,000 Guarantor Loan

TFS Loans offer one of the largest amounts in the UK for guarantor loans. Our loans go all the way up to £15,000 – for when you need a fair amount of money. 39.9% APR Representative. You can use our loans for almost anything, as long as you keep it legal. At TFS Loans, we use guarantor loans as our form of lending. These loans are significantly different to others, simply because we don’t rely on applicants’ credit scores in order to approve them. To secure a guarantor loan from us, you’ll need one thing – a person to be your guarantor. They’ll need to sign and agree to support your application, saying that if you should miss any monthly repayments, they will cover the costs for you. They need to be between the ages of 18-78, have a good credit score as well as being a UK homeowner. So, if you know someone who can support your £15,000 loan application, at a rate of 29.9% APR, why not apply today?

Most common questions people ask when applying for a Guarantor loan:

You're applying to borrow £4,500.00 over 48 months. Repaying £172.88 per month. Total repayable £8,298.24. APR 39.9% Representative Fixed