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TFS Loans Runner Up in Treating Customers Fairly Award

TFS Loans awarded Runner Up in 2017 Consumer Credit Awards... Thank you to all our Customers who took the time to vote and give reviews for the Consumer Credit Awards. We are proud to announce that we were the runner ...

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Top Money Saving Tips From the Team at TFS

This week, the team at TFS has shared their top tips to save money: Top Tip from Isla in Marketing: Write down the renewal dates of your fuel, telephone, mobile, TV subscriptions etc. on a calendar and every month check ...

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Stop Unwanted Charity Solicitation

A free service launched, to stop unwanted Charity post, call, emails and text messages.... On 6th July 2017 the Fundraising Preference Service was launched. This allows you to go onto the FPS website ( and send a message stating that ...

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Explaining Loan Jargon and Acronyms

In the world of finance we love to create new words, terms, abbreviations and acronyms and sometimes we’re not so great at explaining what these mean. To help you we’ve created a list of the most commonly used terms when ...

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Why Banks Turn Borrowers Away And What To Do About It…

With banks criteria for lending becoming more stringent, increasing numbers of people are finding they have been rejected for a credit card or loan. We have looked into the main reasons for this: 1 - The top reason for rejecting ...

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What Happens When You Apply For a TFS Guarantor Loan?

When you apply for a TFS Guarantor Loan, this is the process you and your Guarantor will go through. It can take less than 24 hours for the loan to be processed and paid out. The average time is 2 ...

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Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Become a Guarantor

Being a Guarantor on a TFS Guarantor Loan means you are helping someone with a poor credit score or no credit history, to access borrowing that they may not be able to obtain elsewhere.  There are a number of questions ...

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The Differences Between a Guarantor Loan and a Payday Loan

We published a blog last year about the main differences between a Guarantor Loan and Payday Loan. We thought this topic was worth revisiting as there is still quite a lot of confusion about the distinctions between the two. The ...

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The Beginning Of The End For Diesel Cars?

There is a lot of noise at the moment about the downfall of Diesel cars. 27 British towns and cities plan to bring in extra charges to drive a diesel car in their town. Some like the borough of Islington ...

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Taking Your Dream Holiday

With the average spend cost of a family holiday being around £1,500, and a dream holiday to the likes of Disney World Florida costing considerably more, people often resort to taking out a loan to pay for it. The advantage ...

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Banks Starting To Restrict Access To Credit – What Does This Mean For Borrowers?

Since the Bank of England voiced concerns over the amount of debt consumers have, including credit cards, car loans and second mortgages, a number of Banks and Lenders have started to cut and limit access to credit. This will affect ...

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Top Tips To Pay For Your Big Day

 The wedding season is upon us and with the cost of an average wedding rising to £24,000, this perfect day doesn’t come cheap. Whilst the Lion’s share used to be paid by the Bride’s father, these days couples tend to ...

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Questions When Applying For a Guarantor Loan

When applying for a Guarantor Loan there are a number of questions we know you will want answers to. This week our Customer Call Centre Team Leader – Floyd, has answered the most common questions he and his team get ...

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Paying Back a Loan Early

When researching Guarantor Loans you will probably come across the term ‘Early Repayment’. This refers to the borrower’s ability to pay off the balance of the loan early. There are often charges associated with doing this so it is worth ...

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Top Tips to Build Your Credit Score

Credit Scores take a while to build back up and you have to be consistent to see real benefits. Most negative items on your credit score will disappear after seven years, but good debt – debt that you’ve handled well ...

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TFS Money Saving Tips

Each week the team at TFS Loans (providers of Guarantor Loans) scour the internet to bring you the best money-saving offers: Get £5 off Family & Friends or 16-25 Railcard. Make travelling by train less expensive by buying a railcard. ...

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